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My Spin On The Subject

Photographically pondering the subject Spin, Turn, Rotate….. Illustration Friday’s topic of the week.Wind-Turbines-Raglan-SusanCharlotteGraphics


This topic brought to mind a previous IF subject where I set the colour wheel spinning


Playing With The Colour Wheel

Illustration Friday topic: Wheel

The image is an animated GIF file. If the colour wheels aren’t spinning for you already, give the image a double click. The wheels may spin slowly until fully loaded.

Many subjects came to mind when I saw Illustration Friday’s topic “Wheel”, suggested by Susan Sorrell Hill. A bit of colour is always good. So, I’ve set the colour wheel spinning.


One And The Same

Shadow play inspired by Illustration Friday’s topic of the week: ‘Identical’

Medium: Paint, Adobe Photoshop

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Illustration Friday topic: Mesmerizing

To animate  the tennis game double click on the image, an animated .gif file. It will play slowly as it loads for the first loop, then at normal speed for the following 2 loops.



Samantha Stosur’s great win at the US Tennis Open prompted my animation of Illustration Friday’s topic of the week “mesmerizing”.

Perennial Summer – Bottled

Illustration Friday topic: Perennial

If the endless summer’s day isn’t already animated for you, double click on the image, an animated .gif file.  


In the middle of a colder than usual winter, the first idea which came to mind when I saw Illustration Friday’s topic suggestion “perennial”, was the vision of an endless summer. So, I’ve bottle summer.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, & Flash Ink & Paint

Don’t Eat all the apples first!

Illustration Friday topic: Gesture

“Drawing is like making an expressive gesture with the advantage of permanence” – Henri Matisse

The animated .gif expresses the future of our new drawing tool. Double click, on the smaller image to the right.  
(It’s a 3.63 MB .gif, with 5 loops. The first run through may appear slow until it is fully downloaded)


I’m not sure how Matisse came up with his thinking about the permanence of drawing, as a drawing could always be erased, torn, crumpled up and tossed away….and that was before the delete button of the digital age . With that in mind my “expressive gesture” in response to this week’s Illustration Friday topic takes on the modern drawing tool, the computer. Plus, I’ve been wanting to learn the animated ghost typing technique. So, this post is my homage to the digital era.

Animation enthusiasts: If you haven’t yet come across Adam Bowman’s animations, here’s a link http://abowman.com/google-modules/ He is a web developer from Maine who has created a collection of great gadgets/widgets, etc, which are small applications that can be added to web-pages or your desktop. Take a look.

Midsummer Night–the animation

Illustration Friday

“… this is very midsummer madness” – William Shakespeare

To play the animated .gif, double click on the smaller image below right.

At one time in the past, new to Australia, I remember thinking bats were exotic, hanging like monster black cocoons during the day from the Fig trees in Darwin. But my response to this week’s Illustration Friday topic is inspired by a recent summer in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, when thousands of bats discovered an abundant food source in a nearby mangrove swamp and took up residence for the season.

Summer in this part of Australia is unbelievably hot and humid, but evening walks were out of the question with the risk of being hit by a swooping bat. The sky was black and alive. And the noise! Sleep was elusive. Bats are considered endangered, and enjoy protected status within Australia.

Animation enthusiasts may be interested in Brett Bean’s Art Blog, a great blog site with useful information, tutorials and links.