Stratford Glockenspiel

Sketching Stratford’s Glockenspiel……..

The town of Stratford in Taranaki New Zealand is named after Stratford-Upon-Avon, William Shakespeare’s birthplace. Juliet, Portia, Hamlet and Romeo Streets are just a few of Stratford’s many streets named after Shakespearian characters. Life-size figures of Romeo and Juliet play a scene from their Shakespearean play 4 times a day from a glockenspiel clock tower located in the centre of town.


The small stocky top-knotted California quail were introduced to New Zealand as game birds in the 1860s.

This male California quail with his striking face, and notable plume was foraging for seeds and leaves among the shrubs of Whangarei’s Quarry Arts gardens.

NZ Birds Online is a good source of further information.