Raglan Creative Market

Photography was my medium of choice for this poster. My two favourite Photoshop filters added the final effect I was looking for.

The Raglan Creative Market is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month from 9am to 2pm at the Old School Arts Centre. The market is a showcase for quality arts in the Whaingaroa region, including paintings and photography, woodcraft, healing arts, original handcrafted clothing and jewellery. Visitors can peruse the stalls of this popular market for seasonal organic produce, free range eggs, homemade preserves and freshly baked breads.

Medium: Photography, Adobe Photoshop

Art for Art’s Sake

Raglan’s Art for Art’s Sake group meets at the Old School every month. Experimenting with ideas for a new poster brought together Photography, Photoshop and Illustrator to give the impression of a group dedicated to the enjoyment of artwork.
Many of the members of Art for Art’s Sake are participating in this month’s exhibition at the Old School, celebrating the arrival of Spring, The event takes a mixed media approach to show a wide variety of creative styles.

Medium: Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator

Raglan Film Festival 2012

The annual Raglan Film Festival is coming again. This year’s Festival runs from 14 – 23 September and has become a highlight of the Raglan Old School Arts Centre year.

During the process of re-designing the poster for the occasion, I was introduced to a wide range of NZ short films by very talented film-makers. A feature event during this time is The Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards (RAFFA) red carpet evening when awards are granted in various categories to celebrate the achievements of Raglan & Whaingaroa film-makers and actors.

The 19th century heritage building which houses the Arts Centre was formerly Raglan’s School and continues to be a focus for learning and exploring creative ideas, by hosting an active programme of movie screenings, workshops, short courses, a Creative Market and interesting exhibitions from local artists.

Medium: Ink. Photoshop, supplied photos & logos (Font: Broadway)

Fibre and Fabric

Experimenting with a new poster for Raglan’s Old School Arts Centre brought me in touch with two groups of very creative people who enjoy getting together to share knowledge and skills. Every second Thursday of the month the Old School hosts this group of people with similar interests in fibre crafts, to create in good company. The Karioi Quilters have been making high quality, natural fibre, artistic quilts for many years. The Raglan Spinners & Weavers bring their spinning wheels and looms to the meetings. Many enjoyable hours are put into intricate artistic creations, some of which are destined to become treasured family heirlooms. The public do have the opportunity to view the beautiful items these two groups produce in their exhibitions.

Creative Fibre, the New Zealand Spinning, Weaving & Wool-craft Society, is a NZ wide group of people involved with activities such as Felt-making, Dyeing, Spinning, Weaving, Knitting, and other Fibre crafts. With 16 groups within the Waikato region alone (including the Raglan Spinners & Weavers) Creative Fibre holds regular exhibitions, Spin Ins and popular classes with travelling tutors. A Waikato Exhibition not to miss will be staged at Claudelands next month, running in conjunction with the Craft & Quilt Fair 6th – 9th September 2012.

Medium: Ink, Watercolour, Adobe Photoshop,

Artist’s Books

 For centuries artists have been involved in printing and the production of books. But, the Artist’s Book, intended as a work of art in itself, is essentially a late 20th century form of artwork. Realised in the form of a book or book-like object, it may be constructed as a one of a kind art piece or as a small edition.

The artist has a large amount of control over the finished work. Artist’s books have been constructed in many forms: the traditional bound book, a concertina layout, the scroll, the folded form, a box containing loose pages….In all of its various guises Artist’s Books are creative, aesthetic and tactile.

The  roll-up Artist’s Book below, is of a fictional street, Homestead Avenue, part of my ‘Mapping Ithaka’ project. I’ve  treated each section of the street a little differently. Some parts are represented in pencil, other sections in ink, and others in paint, some are colourful, others toned down in sepia. After joining the sections together the whole book rolls up to a very compact ‘baton’ size, and rolls out to be several metres long.And, a concertina version of my pencil sketches:

Asleep – or, maybe not. The animation

Double click on the image and the animated .gif will play for you. 

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.’ ~J.M. Power
I’ve given myself the task of brushing up on Adobe Flash techniques, and also, to get back into mapping again, using my ‘Location’ map from a previous project completed under the direction of Harry Williamson, to design a promotional booklet for Kingscliff Graphic Design School .

This allowed plenty of scope for various Flash features: tweening, importing files, making shapes, blending…..The final result works more smoothly as a .swf, but you get the idea from the animated .gif I’ve uploaded here. I stayed close to Flash’s default size for quick loading on the web, but its still over 2 mb. It’s all an experiment.I have a lot more practice to enjoy – ghost typing, masking, audio……….
Medium: Ink, Paint, Adobe Photoshop & Flash