The Last Anzac (Biscuit)

You have to be fast. Kate’s popular Anzac biscuits disappear quickly. The sweet, crunchy rolled oat Anzac, is an iconic biscuit in New Zealand and Australia.

To view the popular Anzac biscuits disappearing, double click on the smaller image below (an animated .GIF file)TheLastAnzac-Animation-SusanCharlotteGraphics.

According to folklore, these well-keeping biscuits were baked by the womenfolk at home, and sent to soldiers in the NZ and Australian Army Corps, known as “ANZACS”, serving overseas in World War One.


These biscuits have a strong historical military connection. Follow this link to a “Today in New Zealand History” recording from 1950, to hear about the spirit of ANZAC:

You can find a version of the traditional Anzac recipe on the NZ Woman’s Weekly website:


Strummin’ Pumpkin

The image is an animated .GIF file. If Pumpkin, the 3 legged cat isn’t playing the ukulele, give the image a double click.

Strummin Pumpkin-SusanCharlotteGraphics
Ukulele cat
In a party hat
Strummin’ the strings
Doin’ his thing

It’s In The Bag


To view the animated .gif file, double click on the smaller image to the right.   

As a purposeful item the bag has multitudes of form, style and application. And as a fashion item or accessory it can be a work of art in itself.

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Ink, Photoshop, Adobe Flash


Back To basics – In The Kitchen

To view the animated .gif file, double click on the smaller image to the right.

It’s time for a cookbook redesign. With so many ways to construct and arrange the elements in this type of book (photography, vector drawings, line sketches, collage…..) I’m thinking a few rough watercolours might help the artistic direction emerge.

Medium: Pencil, Ink, Paint, Adobe Photoshop & Flash