About Susan Charlotte


I have a passion for art and design and enjoy the freedom and opportunity for experimentation sketching provides. These raw expressions provide a great opportunity for lateral thinking, and the inventive process made possible by creative technology. My venture into the Graphic Arts began by studying Graphic Design and Communication at Kingscliff Design, Australia 

Prior to this foray into creative technology, my enthusiasm for printmaking led me from a study of screen printing and etching in Devonport, Tasmania, into a Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania. In my early years of exploring the unlimited possibilities of drypoint and collograph prints, collaboration with the Burnie Creative Paper Mill introduced me to the appeal of handmade paper.

My style is free range. I’m a fan of quick, rough, strong line sketches with a touch of colour. But equally, I like to study details. Telling a fantasy story with imagery is fun. Maps, posters, photography, writing and book design are special interests.

Beginning as a log book of my journey into the world of Graphic Design, this blog has become a place to experiment and to connect with the many creative interests represented online.



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