Make your own Mosaic















A poster resembles a mosaic in the way it is pieced together bit by bit as the fragments fit. Sections of the artist’s own works make up the elements of this poster enticing creative hands to Jenny’s mosaic workshops.

The poster will be an evolving entity as the images can be varied for future workshops. Still a work in progress, contact details will be placed in the lower space.

Jenny is renowned in Marlborough for inspiring local youngsters to become creatively involved with protecting New Zealand’s unique native flora and fauna. Picton students have completed the first of a series of mosaic tiles portraying tuis, kiwi, bellbirds, fantails and kereru, destined to form a colourful Welcome Wall at the Kaipupu Sounds Wildlife Sanctuary near Picton in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Jenny’s own wild, colourful, creative garden is adorned with many of her imaginative mosaics.

Mosaic artists have created a strong presence in New Zealand’s artistic scene. Lochmara Lodge in the Marlborough Sounds boasts a magnificent mosaic couch along the outdoor gallery walk. Ceramic artist Judi Brennan has composed a collection of mosaics to make Taupo’s L’Art’e Cafe and Gallery a unique dining experience. Akaroa’s Giant’s House is an amazing visual spectacle of works by Josie Martin.

Medium: Jenny’s mosaics,  Adobe Photoshop  Collage

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