Tea and Roses

Design for a special occasion.

Medium: Photography, Adobe Photoshop and of course The Tea Cup.


Art for Art’s Sake

Raglan’s Art for Art’s Sake group meets at the Old School every month. Experimenting with ideas for a new poster brought together Photography, Photoshop and Illustrator to give the impression of a group dedicated to the enjoyment of artwork.
Many of the members of Art for Art’s Sake are participating in this month’s exhibition at the Old School, celebrating the arrival of Spring, The event takes a mixed media approach to show a wide variety of creative styles.

Medium: Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator

Raglan Film Festival 2012

The annual Raglan Film Festival is coming again. This year’s Festival runs from 14 – 23 September and has become a highlight of the Raglan Old School Arts Centre year.

During the process of re-designing the poster for the occasion, I was introduced to a wide range of NZ short films by very talented film-makers. A feature event during this time is The Raglan Arts Film Festival Awards (RAFFA) red carpet evening when awards are granted in various categories to celebrate the achievements of Raglan & Whaingaroa film-makers and actors.

The 19th century heritage building which houses the Arts Centre was formerly Raglan’s School and continues to be a focus for learning and exploring creative ideas, by hosting an active programme of movie screenings, workshops, short courses, a Creative Market and interesting exhibitions from local artists.

Medium: Ink. Photoshop, supplied photos & logos (Font: Broadway)