Perennial Summer – Bottled

Illustration Friday topic: Perennial

If the endless summer’s day isn’t already animated for you, double click on the image, an animated .gif file.  


In the middle of a colder than usual winter, the first idea which came to mind when I saw Illustration Friday’s topic suggestion “perennial”, was the vision of an endless summer. So, I’ve bottle summer.

Medium: Adobe Photoshop, & Flash Ink & Paint

4 responses to “Perennial Summer – Bottled

  1. I think I know where your summer is – if you have a bottle big enough, I’ll send it back! (Toronto)

  2. Great concept Sue… I am looking forward to summer. I just spotted your jumping man on the island. Cute!

  3. I can’t stop watching it!

    Summer here!

  4. Well done! I forward this to my daughter who will love it!

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