Artist’s Books

 For centuries artists have been involved in printing and the production of books. But, the Artist’s Book, intended as a work of art in itself, is essentially a late 20th century form of artwork. Realised in the form of a book or book-like object, it may be constructed as a one of a kind art piece or as a small edition.

The artist has a large amount of control over the finished work. Artist’s books have been constructed in many forms: the traditional bound book, a concertina layout, the scroll, the folded form, a box containing loose pages….In all of its various guises Artist’s Books are creative, aesthetic and tactile.

The  roll-up Artist’s Book below, is of a fictional street, Homestead Avenue, part of my ‘Mapping Ithaka’ project. I’ve  treated each section of the street a little differently. Some parts are represented in pencil, other sections in ink, and others in paint, some are colourful, others toned down in sepia. After joining the sections together the whole book rolls up to a very compact ‘baton’ size, and rolls out to be several metres long.And, a concertina version of my pencil sketches:


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