Midsummer Night–the animation

“… this is very midsummer madness” – William Shakespeare

To play the animated .gif, double click on the smaller image below right.

At one time in the past, new to Australia, I remember thinking bats were exotic, hanging like monster black cocoons during the day from the Fig trees in Darwin. But my response to this week’s “Illustration Friday” topic is inspired by a recent summer in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, when thousands of bats discovered an abundant food source in a nearby mangrove swamp and took up residence for the season.

Summer in this part of Australia is unbelievably hot and humid, but evening walks were out of the question with the risk of being hit by a swooping bat. The sky was black and alive. And the noise! Sleep was elusive. Bats are considered endangered, and enjoy protected status within Australia.

Animation enthusiasts may be interested in Brett Bean’s Art Blog, a great blog site with useful information, tutorials and links.


4 Replies to “Midsummer Night–the animation”

  1. With so many bats you are freed from pesky mosquitoes? I hope so for you. You animation is great. I like the moon that seems to pulsate with the intensity of a very hot midsummer nights.

  2. So cool! I wish I saw bats where I live! Thanks for your visit to by my blog; you pointed out that passionflower can be a sleep remedy, and wouldn’t you know it: the topic on IF this week is…”remedy”!

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