Launch – an animation

The idea behind the image above (one frame of an animation) is to illustrate a group of birds launching themselves en masse from a leafy tree. To play the animated .gif, double click on the image to the right.
Medium: Watercolor, Ink, Pencil, Photoshop, Adobe Flash
For animation enthusiasts: an illustration Friday artist, Leah Palmer Preiss, who does beautiful book illustrations on collaged maps and text, is just beginning some studies in Flash animation, and is giving us the opportunity to follow her progress and experiments via  her curiousillumination blog.


5 Replies to “Launch – an animation”

  1. I agree, I love those gently rustling leaves! What a lovely launch!

    And wow, thanks for the link– good timing because I finally had my first Flash class yesterday! Yikes, this is really happening!

  2. Hey Susan, sorry to bug you here, this is actually a question– I’m having trouble uploading my latest attempt– Blogger keeps turning my GIF into a PNG, even though the last one loaded fine. I tried resizing it several times, but it still won’t play. ???
    Do you have any idea what I might be doing wrong? I’d be forever grateful for your help!

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