Windswept – a radically edited animation

This week I assembled an animation to try out as many features of Flash as I could within the one file, which would still make sense as windswept chaos when played. A wind-blown beach umbrella, deck chair, sun hat, thong, grass and flower……were pulled together using motion tweens, shape tweens, fades and rotations. And I experimented with importing various types of files: .gif, .png, .psd, and .ai. But finally, at 550px X 400px, 144 frames, 12 frames per second, the exported animated .gif amounted to 11 mb, a bit large to upload. But it was fun. I did learn a lot. And I like the result. My journal pages show the scheme. (Double click to enlarge)

I have radically edited the Flash file to post a few frames. The image below looks uninteresting as a static frame, but double click on the image and I hope the animated .gif will give you the basic idea.

Medium: Watercolor, Ink, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Flash


4 Replies to “Windswept – a radically edited animation”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for passing through my blog. I dont normally work with Gifs am afraid. Am more of a fully animated swf. type of girl and dont really think aout the file sizes. if clients need something at a certain file size, the animation is smaller and limited but it varies quite a lot. You just have to figure out which market you’re going for.

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