The Shadow

Shadow and light give visual depth to an image, help to shape a character, illuminate time and tell a story. This is one of those images where the story could be anything, if I just add one more element: another shadow beginning to enter the image from the top, something, maybe another character, or an insect…. in the path of the main character, within his shadow, or the character holding something, visible only in his shadowed form…….. there are many possibilities. One of my favourite works of art is Toulouse Lautrec’s Ambassadeurs, Aristide Bruant dans son Cabaret where the shadow in the background forms the atmosphere in the artwork.
Medium: Solar Print, Photoshop

Friday June 10 – An Update to this Post: I’ve modified a previous animation – a jumping character – by giving him the shadow. Visit my next post to see the animated shadow.  


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