Asleep – or, maybe not. The animation

Double click on the image and the animated .gif will play for you. 

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.’ ~J.M. Power
I’ve given myself the task of brushing up on Adobe Flash techniques, and also, to get back into mapping again, using my ‘Location’ map from a previous project completed under the direction of Harry Williamson, to design a promotional booklet for Kingscliff Graphic Design School .

This allowed plenty of scope for various Flash features: tweening, importing files, making shapes, blending…..The final result works more smoothly as a .swf, but you get the idea from the animated .gif I’ve uploaded here. I stayed close to Flash’s default size for quick loading on the web, but its still over 2 mb. It’s all an experiment.I have a lot more practice to enjoy – ghost typing, masking, audio……….
Medium: Ink, Paint, Adobe Photoshop & Flash


3 Replies to “Asleep – or, maybe not. The animation”

  1. Hi Susan — Your animated gif is great! I love the map on it’s own. It was an added bonus to watch the different moving parts (car, boat, sun, etc). — Lisa

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