Asleep – or, maybe not. The animation

Illustration Friday 
Or, maybe it’s about lack of time for sleep these days, the modern world moves so fast. Double click on the image and I hope the animated .gif will play for you. It’s a much larger file than I would usually post here so you’ll have to wait for the whole file to load to view it at its correct speed. It runs through 5 times.

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.’ ~J.M. Power
I’ve given myself the task of brushing up on Adobe Flash techniques, so this week’s  Illustration Friday topic has taken a bit of a tangent – about the speed of the world these days and how the vital life-force of sleep is cut short.

Also, to get back into mapping again, I’ve used my ‘Location’ map from a previous project completed under the direction of Harry Williamson, to design a promotional booklet for Kingscliff Graphic Design School .

This allowed plenty of scope for various Flash features: tweening, importing files, making shapes, blending…..The final result works more smoothly as a .swf, but you get the idea from the animated .gif I’ve uploaded here. I stayed close to Flash’s default size for quick loading on the web, but its still over 2 mb. It’s all an experiment.I have a lot more practice to enjoy – ghost typing, masking, audio…..So any tips and hints will be welcome.
Medium: Ink, Paint, Adobe Photoshop & Flash


3 responses to “Asleep – or, maybe not. The animation

  1. How did you do that? It is very nice!

  2. Wow Sue! You are so clever. It has a really lovely feel to it also. Gorgeous work!

  3. Hi Susan — Your animated gif is great! I love the map on it’s own. It was an added bonus to watch the different moving parts (car, boat, sun, etc). — Lisa

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