The Sketchbook – sketching the everyday stuff

Beach Bag Study
Watercolour pencils often come in handy for some quick rough sketching.

I came home from the library yesterday, stoked. On their new books shelf I found Graphic, Inside the Sketchbooks of the World’s Great Graphic Designers, by Steven Heller & Lita Talarico. The cover design attracted me. This 4cm thick book gives us insight into the ideas, exploration and experiments of designers. We get to see the sketchbooks and creative process of one hundred leading graphic designers and illustrators.

With nearly 1000 illustrations and a text providing commentary on individual artist’s creative development, philosophies, techniques and visual influences, it is a “treasure trove of design inspiration”. The book also urges us to explore further, listing websites and other titles of interest.

I was contacted recently by an ‘Illustration Friday’ artist who thought I’d enjoy the works of Danny Gregory. He is a valuable addition to my Blogroll. (Thanks Lisa). Take a look at Danny’s books, his loose, and colourful approach to illustration, and his journal page.  Be informed by his blog. We’re lucky to have people like Danny Gregory who are willing to share their tragedies, struggles and joys in image and words.


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