Duet: Ukuleles at sunset

Illustration Friday

I thought I’d mark the end of summer in this part of the world with one more play with The Character. A quick one, modifying a background pulled from another project and visiting http://kuler.adobe.com/ to experiment with a different colour palette. In this exercise I’m trying to move away from a primary colour scheme and to keep the image simple. It would have been so easy to fill up the background with a playful scene with dolphins, birds,…but the subject would have been lost. It’s more of a challenge to leave things out.

I like the colours Golden Breed uses in printed advertising, and in the various versions of the animated opening to their website:  http://www.goldenbreed.com.au/ . Also the style, loose and uncluttered, with large areas of coloured space. Of course this project led me into some enjoyable research, looking around the local music stores. The ukulele is such a great instrument with so many varieties. Again I used an Illustrator, Photoshop combination for this one.


One response to “Duet: Ukuleles at sunset

  1. Cute, love the style, looks like that little guy is having lots of fun!

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