Toy: The Book as a Toy

The kind of book you can ‘toy’ with.
The design is simple and many of us will have played with a book like this as a child ourselves. The pages are cut into threes, and as sections are flipped over, the character changes character.
This project gave me Illustrator & Photoshop practice using a character I’d already created for a Flash animation. Of course this is just an illustration, the book doesn’t exist in reality, but it was fun coming up with a few more variations of The Character which may come into use for a future project.



6 Replies to “Toy: The Book as a Toy”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    You mentioned that you are makeing an interactive business card, never thought of that. I always sent my resume with a few examples of design in a .pdf . Is that the new trend? I already knew Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign that I have been so focused on Flash and Dreamweaver. I did get cs5 and need to jump back and learn all the new gadjets in InDesign… There is so much to learn………..

  2. Thanks everyone for the tips and encouraging comments. Cyndia, I’m dipping into the ‘Adobe InDesign CS4, Classroom in a Book’ to keep improving my InDesign skills and had the idea to use my business card to practise the interactive .pdf lesson. It works well using navigation buttons to jump from front to back, with hypertext links to both this blog and ‘mailto’. Apparently I can add a flash file. I’ve prepared a sketchbook slideshow .swf, but haven’t been able to make this part work yet. I’ll keep trying, although it will be interesting to see if it makes the whole file size too big for practical emailing.

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