How To Find Kingscliff Design

My task was to create a document to promote Kingscliff Design School. The project was basically about structuring a suitable visual language for the promotion of the school and its educational facilities, to an audience with a Design career focus, and also to identify the attractions of  its Kingscliff location.
I designed a small stapled booklet, 20cm x 20cm, easy to handle and flip through the pages. The inclusion of all relevant information and the employment of visual stimuli were two of the major design considerations – basically an informative document presented with the impact of design.


One Reply to “How To Find Kingscliff Design”

  1. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. The best part of blogging is “finding” someone’s blog when they have found mine. I’ll be adding you to my list. Love your sketches, and that image on your blog button of the pencil shaving forming a circle is delightful!

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