The Little Red Notebook

I’ve been wanting a small pocket-sized notebook to record book references and websites as I encounter them for later use. Not being able to find exactly what I needed, I opened one of my former book cover designs in Photoshop, resized it to be printed as a photograph, changed the text, but kept the fonts & colour (RGB-for a photo), removed the bar code, etc, & replaced the imagery.

The ‘reversing the book’ trick came in handy for this design. Open it from one side to record book references – turn it over & upside-down for the webs. I usually find this upside down feature when used in magazines an irritation. But it’s a useful tool in this case to keep notes organised. After folding the matt printed photo (the white lines are fold lines, making this a very easy step), I used double-sided tape to add enough blank pages, separating the two areas with a coloured page, and put it into use. It works really well. The assembly would have even been more efficient if I had just stitched the folded pages and then taped them to the cover.


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