Flying Kites

This community kite making project was part of Port Macquarie’s ‘Sculpture By The Sea’ exhibition. Anyone could take part and unleash their creative energy. To have these kites flying in the wind, added to the festival atmosphere, drawing the community together for the event.


Still Life

Basic shapes are great to play with – letting the pencil loose on paper, and learning what I can do with applications such as Adobe Illustrator on screen. The urn was one of my first ‘sugar lift’ etchings, where I had little control over the ground that was lifted from the plate before emerging it in the acid. This made the whole image-making procedure more intriguing, right up to the final stage when the paper was lifted from the inked up zinc plate.

Below, shapes, cut out, inked up and layered over one another, form a tactile embossed collograph.

Fish Fate

Another pencil doodle that inspired a series of quick watercolours. A bit more of a story, and a little work in Illustrator and Flash, and I might have the start of another mini animation.