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Byron Bay Writer’s Festival

‘The Far North Coast and the Gold Coast are renowned for their local festivals. These festivals allow different subcultures to celebrate and express themselves in their own unique way’ …..words from one of my current study Briefs to select a local festival and develop a design concept for next year’s poster (A2 size), a related t-shirt & merchandising product.. I’ve chosen the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

Having decided to use photography as my basis for design development, I took myself on a photo shoot, experimenting with a variety of ideas, thumbnailing along the way, and then refining, adding the text, sponsors…etc.


Locked Up

Ink…Paint…and Photoshop

A few rough sketches taken one step further into Photoshop

The Colour Wheel

TheColourWheel_SusanCharlotteGraphicsAs “an abstract illustrative organisation of colour hues around a circle”, the colour wheel is the ultimate artist’s/designer’s tool.
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Painting Petals

One day this petal pattern may morph into the background for one of my designs.


Restless Pencil Syndrome