“Sidewalks of major cities throughout the world have become kinetic exhibitions of graphic art. Everywhere you look you see a parade of art of every imaginable subject and style adorning bags carried by shoppers” (Ref. unknown)

The Brief was to design and construct shopping bags for a cosmetic brand BLISS – a prototype construction project where I chose to develop ideas using both a computer template method & illustration by hand.

I used primary red gauche, in watercolour fashion, on heavy cartridge, to paint the large pink bag, scanned the finished painting, took it into Photoshop to change the white to black, added a filter to soften the pink, and printed the result on A4 paper for the construction of the small pink & black prototype.



The word ‘Bliss’, and the variety of consumers of cosmetics today, opened the field to many design ideas. I used photography, collage and Photoshop for the other two design ideas below.










This post by Kelly Morr ‘The ultimate guide to product packaging design’ contains helpful information for designers & package design solutions.



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