Birds, Godwits in New Zealand

Sketching the Godwit….Northland, New Zealand….

Each spring thousands of godwits make the impressive direct flight from Alaska to New Zealand shores. A non-stop flight of 11,000km in about 8 days. Most depart in March, making the epic return journey North, via Eastern Asia, to their thawing Arctic breeding grounds.

Godwit Web-Links: NZ Birds Online: Godwit sound recordings at this link. Plus Godwit identification, distribution, habitat, breeding, food, threats & conservation; DOC NZ: The Godwit migration; Teara NZ: Map of Godwits migration route; NZ Science Resources: Interesting information about “Godwits in flight”: flight path, flock formation, wing design, flight speed.


Birds, New Zealand Terns

Sketching the Tern….Northland, New Zealand

Interesting information about the many varieties of New Zealand coastal terns: NZ BIRDS ONLINE-TERNS and IDENTIFICATION OF NEW ZEALAND GULLS AND TERNS

Shells, Beach Walk

Photography, beach walk, shells….Northland New Zealand

Shells Studies, Far North, NZ

Sketching shells….

These links lead to interesting information about identification of shells in New Zealand: New Zealand Mollusca, New Zealand Marine identification fact-sheets, New Zealand Shells A – Z, Coastal Marine Shellfish Identification Guide

Shells, Tauranga Bay, Far North, NZ


Historic Mangonui Hotel, Far North New Zealand


Heritage New Zealand, Russell, Bay of Islands

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