Picturesque Old House

Rough sketching of a picturesque old house in Russell (in NZ’s Bay of Islands).

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Shells, unearthed

Shell identification photography…. Northland Coast, NZ Summer 2018

Storms in March disturbed the dunes and unearthed these shells not commonly seen along the Northland coast.

Andrew Spurgeon from the ‘NZ Mollusca’ website identified them as “….2 species of Rock Borer. The one with the pointed end…is called Barnea similis and the smaller one with the smooth round end… is called Pholadidea suteri. They are not uncommon but as they usually live completely buried in the mudstone, they seldom wash up on our beaches…..”.

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Shore-birds – Terns

Photographing the Tern. Several varieties make their home in Northland’s Wildlife Refuges.

The two above were making themselves known at the low-tide mark on the beach yesterday, venturing dangerously close to the ‘dogs allowed’ zone.

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Hundertwasser Arts Centre ‘Te Kakano’, Whangarei

Te Kakano (The Seed) displays the concept of the future Arts Centre for Whangarei, originally designed by Hundertwasser in 1993

Renowned Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, admired for his unique vision and colourful mosaic style, and revered in Europe for his extraordinary transformations of industrial buildings lived much of his last thirty years in Northland, New Zealand.

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